Deluge Form Riddle: What answer to the above question is named after a person?

When signing up for the Deluge form there is an awkwardly phrased question for spam prevention...

This question is a means of preventing automated form submissions by spambots.

Which above it is
What is the main operating system or distribution you are running Deluge on?"

The answer is Linux, because of Linus Torvalds.... 

Now one of the reasons this is so awkward is in the above question they ask for distribution so you're not thinking MacOS/Windows/Linux... you're thinking Ubuntu/Mint/Arch whatever else you might be using. Anyway I wanted to write all this for those googling it. Because I kept finding non-answers... Am I little dense for not figuring it out sooner, maybe, but I see a lot of other people are too.


  1. i still cant register when using Linux as the answer?
    is the answer definitely Linux?

  2. you fucked it, it doesn't work anymore

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  5. so you have to put Linux, not linux... apparently the linux community with its lowercase namesystem has been doing it wrong all these years. the person who made this "captcha alternative" needs to be kicked in the nuts. Verified Linux works 04-26-20

    1. Thank you so much!!! This was retarded. Precocious and pretentious developers!


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